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With Extensive Expertise Across a Variety of Industries 

Our Services 

Our engineers have worked for some of the largest consulting engineering firms in the UK, with extensive expertise across a variety of industry sectors. We focus on providing high value, strategic technical advice and provide world-class technical excellence and project delivery skills on a bespoke and personal scale. The environmental impact of our work is at the heart of our values. Read more about MEP Design.

Building Services 

To gain a better understanding of a buildings behaviour against the natural elements such as the sun and the wind, we use complex building simulation modelling to predict the building energy use, and to influence concept design strategies. Our engineers assess the internal comfort conditions and the predicted energy demand of any building before we even consider designing the building services or putting a line on a drawing. This enables us to balance the positive contributions from natural resources, so that a building can have the lowest energy demand and operating cost throughout its whole life cycle. Our early attention to the preliminary building engineering services design enables us to provide critical information to project teams, so that the building can be designed in an integrated way from the outset.

Energy & Sustainability 

We provide a range of energy and sustainability services ranging from:


  • BREEAM assessments

  • Low carbon strategies

  • Renewable energy feasibility


Our approach is founded on the principles of saving energy and carbon and so our expertise in this area translates into everything that we do. We use our engineering skills to model the predicted energy consumption of buildings to help us design out, not in, building services. This not only reduces the energy required and the carbon footprint, but the capital, maintenance and operating costs of our client’s businesses.

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