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Building Services Engineers bring buildings to life!

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Building service engineers are a pivotal part of any building design

According to CIBSE:

“Building Services Engineers bring buildings to life”.

Quite literally, MEP designs are responsible for, among many others, heating, lighting and power, without which buildings would not be able to operate, either residential or commercial.

Building services engineers are also responsible for design and installation of ventilation, cooling, fire prevention, telecoms systems and water and drainage systems. All the important parts of building design, hiding behind the name Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health (“MEP” for short).

Building service engineers work collaboratively with architects and other building professionals from the very early stages of the construction project. Whilst in the past, the engineers were required to fit the systems in to building designs already prepared by the architects, in the modern world, MEP designers are involved in the actual building design from the onset, through the construction process until the very handover of the finished product.

Barry James, Managing Director comments: “Building service engineers are very much in demand right now. As the construction industry in the North West is hitting an all-time high, highly skilled MEP engineers play a key part in the development and construction of sustainable and efficiently running developments”.

A large part of building service engineering design work is to maintain a low carbon footprint whilst designing buildings which people would work and live in. Over half of the UK’s carbon emission is generated by the energy and materials needed to construct and maintain any given building.

An MEP Design engineer’s tasks, among all others related to design and functionality of various internal and external systems, is to create sustainability which would protect the environment and prevent further levels of pollution.

“The overall UK engineering sector employs around 5.5 million people, and needs to recruit more than 180,000 skilled people a year to meet anticipated demand". - CIBSE

Can you imagine a hospital without air circulation or a bank without security systems or power supplies? Or even an average home but without a heating system in winter? Those are just everyday examples from the building services work designed by MEP engineers, which we could not live without. They not only bring buildings to life, but more importantly, play a crucial role in the future of our environment and protecting the planet on which we live for future generations.

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